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TMLC Head Start Annual Art Show

The Head Start Classrooms at Thurgood Marshall Learning Center held their annual art show on Friday April 6, displaying many examples of great works of art - from the old masters to impressionism to pop art. 
"This art show is a great highlight of our year at TMLC Head Start," said Head Start Teacher Linnea Spiracello. "This gives our students a chance to learn about different artists and have a chance to explore children explore different materials and techniques. They also learn about colors, patterns, and textures."
"Their interpretations were spot on," said Laura Wriedt, Figge Museum Outreach Coordinator. "I'm excited about all of the talent that I see from 3 and 4 year-olds - it all looks very promising!" Mrs. Wriedt selected some of the artworks for the Young Artists at the Figge Elementary Art Show at the Figge Museum April 14  - 22

thurgood marshall head startHead Start student shows off her artwork to family members. 
thurgood marshall head start
TMLC artwork rendition of VanGogh's Starry Night. 
thurgood marshall head start
Head Start students view the "Sistine Chapel." 
thurgood marshall head start
 mike halpin
Representative Mike Halpin visited TMLC and enjoyed the artwork!